Henna Cones - 4 colours

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All natural henna cones handmade by natural, sustainably sourced ingredients by local Melbourne henna artist Alisa Parveen.

4 Types:

Classic Henna - Brown. A blend of locally sourced sustainable honey with Bulgarian lavender, Australian Tea tree, Clove buds and Rose. 15g.

50% Jagua Henna - Dark maroon/brown. Stains in a shorter period of time compared to the classic henna. A quicker alternative to achieving dark henna stains. A mixture of thinned jagua fruit juice and henna. 12g.

100% Jagua Henna - Dark blue-black, similar to that of a tattoo. Can stain for up to 3 weeks. A mixture of jagua fruit juice and henna. A natural alternative to black henna. 12g.

White - Made with body art adhesive. Waterproof, versatile and latex-free. ‘White henna’ is only drawn with henna patterns; it’s not actual henna. Removable with makeup remover or baby oil. You cannot make wudhu with it on. Does not stain the skin and is not a bleaching agent. 10g.

  • Directions: Keep frozen (except for white henna), takes 15min to thaw. Remove pin tip (put back on after use).The longer it's kept on the skin the darker the stain. 4-8 hours minimum is recommended. You can also wear a plastic glove over the henna once it's dried so you can still use your hands afterwards.
  • Economical and compact
  • Fits snuggly in the palm and easy-to-use
  • Does not contain PPD, Preservatives or any nasty chemicals

    Delivery details: The Classic Henna can't be delivered to WA, SA, NT, QLD as it has to stay frozen and we can't guarantee quality with longer delivery times to these areas.

    Henna Cones - 4 colours
    Henna Cones - 4 colours
    Henna Cones - 4 colours
    Henna Cones - 4 colours
    Henna Cones - 4 colours