Boys Prayer Gift Set

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Gift Set includes: Click on the individual items to see the product details.

1x Prayer Mat - Kids Small Design 4 $10

1x Steps to Prayer Card Set $16

We've included caps in different sizes so they can grow into them at each stage of life:

1x Baby Cap - White $5

1x Boys Cap - Dark Blue $6

1 x Mens Cap - Black $7

Gift Box $5

Total Value: $49

Make your own gift set:

Just add the individual products that you want plus the 'Gift Set - Custom' product to your cart and we will prepare it as a gift set for you, with all prices removed. You can also add your own message by writing in the notes section at checkout, we will then write it on a complimentary gift card. If you'd like it sent directly to the giftee, put their details as the shipping address as yours as the billing address.