East And West by Rene Guenon (Discount due to slight damage)

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By Rene Guenon, Suhail Academy, Hardback, 170 pages

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One of the great landmarks of the age, East and West is a foundational critique of the modern world coupled with a call for intellectual reform; a renewed examination of metaphysics, the traditional sciences and symbolism with special reference to the ultimate unanimity of all spiritual traditions.

His first book, Introduction to the Study of the Hindu Doctrines (1921), was an exposition of metaphysics as transmitted in the Hindu tradition, and served to establish his specific use of important terms such as ‘esoterism’, ‘tradition’, and `orthodoxy’.

Guenon’s application of traditional metaphysics to the specific cases was then broadened in the present book to the general question of East and West as conservators and transmitters of traditional wisdom in the modern age. The titles of its two parts, `Western Illusions’ and ‘How the Differences Might be Bridged' describe perfectly the book’s intention. Later books, especially The Crisis of the Modern World and its magisterial sequel, The Reign of Quant and the Signs of the Times, further extended Guenon’s penetrating critique of the modern world. The present translation is based on the work of Martin Lings, who first published it under the pseudonym William Massey.

“Works of Rene Guenon present the writings of one of the greatest sages of our time, whose voice is even more important today than when he was alive.” —Huston Smith

About the author:

René Guénon (1886-1951) was a French author and intellectual who remains an influential figure in the domain of sacred science, traditional studies, symbolism and initiation.