What to wear: Modest swimwear

We at EMAAN design modest swimwear that allows women to enjoy the water while still feeling comfortable and modest.

After speaking to many of our customers, we realised that they usually fell into 2 groups: those who wanted to actually swim and be active in the water, and those who just wanted to play in the water, enjoy the seaside or pool but not necessarily swim. The first type wanted something fitted and practical. The second type wanted something long and loose like their usual modest clothes.

That's why we made 2 different types of swimwear- Active and Leisure.

The Active Modest Swimwear is for those who want to swim. It's fitted to the body, and the top is above the knee so your legs can move well when you swim. The top has a string that can be tied to a loop on the side of the pants so it doesn't ride up in the water.

The Leisure Modest Swimwear is for those who want to be in the water but not necessarily swim. The top is around or below the knee which makes it very modest (but not ideal for serious swimmers), and the fit is looser. 

Both come with a separate Swimwear Scarf  that covers the head and neck. It can also be bought separately.

Active Swimwear


The fit of both is not made too loose fitting like our usual clothing (e.g. abayas) because the excess material will just stick to the body and weigh you down in the water.

The design is a neutral colour like black or navy so you don't attract too much attention as you would with bright or colourful swimwear. But we do add some patterns or a bit of colour to make it look more fun and casual like mainstream swimwear.

Regardless of which one you choose, anything that you wear in the water will stick to your body. So we encourage you to swim in secluded beaches and women's only swimming pool sessions. We've compiled a list of some of these places here!

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