Retail assistant: No vacancies

Please only apply if you can fulfil the requirements below. To apply, email your CV and resume to Please include your availability for each day of the week in your resume. Only successful applicants will be contacted.

Job description:

Our retail assistants primary role is to serve our customers at our shop in Coburg. They also process online orders, clean and maintain the store and prepare products for display.


- Available 9.30am - 5.30pm, 2-4 weekdays & 1 weekend per week. Role will be casual or part time depending on our needs. Long term commitment of 4-5 years is required wherein the employment contract will be for at least 12 months and reviewed annually to be renewed or not. 

- Shows ihsaan (excellence) in everything they do. Has self initiative, good communication skills, confident in dealing with customers, attentive to detail, adaptable, works well in both a team environment and independently, organised and punctual.

- Resonates with our ethical and environmentally conscious principles.

- Has a general understanding of the deen so that they can help customers with questions related to Islamic dress code and practices.

The following are bonuses but not essential:

- Work & volunteer experience. 

- General knowledge of Islamic books.

- Skills and experience in social media marketing.


Models: Vacancies
Please only apply if you fulfil the requirements below. To apply, please email us at or DM us on IG @emaan.official and include your body size and height, a full body photo and any modelling work you've done.Only successful applicants will be contacted.
- Wears size 14-24, height 5.3 - 5.6 ft.
- Willing to show their face in photos.
- Wears a scarf or knows how to.
Preferred but not neccessary:
- Curvy body types
- Muslim women of colour
- Has modelling experience.
- Based in Victoria