Our Ethics: Wear Your Values

We follow a 4 step process with our customers so that together, we can strive towards our vision of living in a world that is harmony with the environment and all people. We do this by being ethical and environmentally conscious at every step of your shopping experience:

1. We promote ‘slow fashion’ by designing classic, timeless clothes that outlast unsustainable ‘fast fashion’ trends. 
2. We make our clothes ethically in Turkey. For transparency, you can see our manufacturer's ethical audit report here. You can watch a video of the factory here
3. We give a portion of every sale to Islamic Relief Australia as charity.
4. We reduce landfill waste by donating your preloved clothes to clients of social services through the National Zakat Foundation Australia.


We hope this brings more mindfulness to your shopping experience.

wear your values diagram 


See below for detailed information on each step of our Wear Your Values system. 

STEP 1: We design classic, timeless clothes that outlast trends.

A lot of thought goes into each design. We design based on our customers needs and our ethics, rather than being dictated by ever changing fashion trends. In doing so, we've drastically reduced our number of designs and the amount of clothes we manufacture, which reduces our overall environmental footprint.

Who we design for: The EMAAN Woman is confident in her identity. She juggles many roles but at the end of the day she only serves One. 

Design principles:

  • Modest: Our clothes are designed to remind of your relationship with Allah. Having said this, modesty is not exclusively for Muslim women. Rather it is universally valued throughout time, so our clothes are for anyone who appreciates them.
  • Timeless: We create timeless and classic designs that outlast trends. The culture of cheap fast fashion is harmful to the environment and people. We focus on designs that are versatile and trans-seasonal, so you can get the most wear out of the least amount of clothes. Our Classics Collection is an example of this. 
  • Tailored to your size: Most designs are available in sizes AU 8-24 (XS-XXXL). We try our best to create pieces that cater for different body shapes- whether you’re petite, curvy or neither.  Please refer to the sizing chart on each product page to find your size. 
  • Versatile & practical: We want our clothes to make your life easier and adapt to your needs over time. That’s why we ensure that the majority of our clothes have the following:
  1. Pockets
  2. Wudhu friendly sleeves
  3. Breastfeeding-friendly openings at the bust 
  4. We also try to make a few maternity friendly pieces throughout the year.

Information on how our mens and children's clothing is mindfully made is coming soon.



STEP 2: Our clothes are ethically made in Turkey.

We don’t want our customers to be complicit in the poverty and oppression many garment workers face around the world, or the environmental damage that the clothing and textile industry is responsible for. That’s why we’re committed to making our garments as ethically as possible. A part of that is being transparent with our customers about where and how we make our products.

Materials: We are gradually transitioning from synthetic to natural fabrics that are friendlier to the environment. Our Breeze Collection is an example of this. We also turn offcuts into new products such as scarves, scarf liners and sashes instead of adding it to landfill.

High quality & craftsmanship: We don't sell cheap clothes as they tend to compromise on quality and exploit workers to keep costs low. The prices of our clothes reflect the use high quality craftsmanship and ethical manufacturing. EMAAN designs are investment pieces that are made to last long.

Transparency: We work with manufacturers that give fair wages and work conditions. Ustunsoy Tekstil is a leading garment manufacturer in Instanbul, Turkey, that manufacture our women's, mens and children's clothing since 2018.

Read the SEDEX Ethical Trade Audit Report of our manufacturer here.

Watch a video of their operations & factory here:

Please note that some of the following products are manufactured by other brands that don't yet supply information about their manufacturers: Branded thobes such as Lawung, Al Ameer, Daffah, Aseel, perfume & attar, books, prayer mats. 

STEP 3: We give a portion of every sale to charity.

Whenever you shop at EMAAN, a portion of the sale will be given as sadaqah to Islamic Relief Australia. This not only helps those in need but allows us and our customers to purify our wealth. We chose Islamic Relief for their transparency with their funds and track record of successful projects around the world. These are the initiatives we've contributed to so far:

- 16 May 2018 - 10 March 2020: We contributed funds the Lebanon Rehabilitation Centre for Palestinian refugees. Project funding has been successfully completed Alhamdulillah. Click here for a full report on the project. Click here for a receipt of our payments to IR.

- 10 March 2020 - present: Contributing funds to the general cause of disability rehabilitation (funds spread between different projects)

STEP 4: We reduce landfill waste by donating your preloved clothes to clients of social services

We think about our environmental impact even after our clothes leave our store to go to a new home. We don't want our clothes ending up rotting in mountains of landfill that pollute the earth. Instead, we encourage our customers to take part in our Reloved EMAAN Project. This is how it works:

Step 1) If you have EMAAN clothes that no longer fit you or you no longer need but are still in good quality, return them back to us. You can come into the store or mail it to us.

Step 2) We will then deliver it to the National Zakat Foundation office. They give these clothes to their social services clients. This helps them save money that can be used to for other services such as food vouchers and rental assistance. This also extends the lifespan of your clothes as they go to a new home.