About Us

Welcome to EMAAN, we are a clothing & lifestyle business inspired by Islam
to positively impact the world through our products.

Our Story

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we have been serving our customers from around the world since 2004. Our founder Zurlia usually shies away from the camera, but we got her to share a few things about the story behind EMAAN.

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster a world with emaan. A world where our belief and practice of Islam brings benefit to all of society.

But how will our small business achieve such a big vision? Our director Anisa explains her intentions behind the vision here:

Our Aims

We chose to focus on three main aims to achieve our vision. As part of the retail industry, these are things we are responsible for and have the ability to influence for the better:

  • Be environmentally responsible
  • Empower communities
  • Honour the Hijab

Achieving our aims will lead to (if Allah wills) more justice, fairness and prosperity in the world. We work together with our customers to achieve these aims through our ‘Wear Your Values’ system.

‘Wear Your Values’ system

Our customers can follow our 4 simple steps to lead a more ethical and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

  1. Invest in high quality, timeless designs that will outlast trends & cheap quality products.

  2. Support the people who make your clothes by choosing ethically made products.

  3. Uplift others by giving sadaqah. A portion of every sale goes to charity.

  4. If they’re still in good shape, return your preloved EMAAN garments to us so we can gift it to someone in need and extend its lifespan.

This is how our ‘Wear Your Values’ system works:



- The EMAAN Team