The new Emaan identity

As Emaan continues to grow, a new brand identity
reflects our evolving ethos. 

Old vs New 

Since our establishment in 2004, Emaan has always been an institution that serves the Muslim community through our products and services. As lot has changed in the past decade, and we want to advocate for the causes that matter to us. We saw the need to update our business approach to better serve the needs of our community and the environment.  

We want to create a world with Emaan that benefits all of society.

We aim to:

  • Be environmentally conscious 
  • Benefit the community 
  • Shift attitudes about consumerism 
  • Promote hijab as more than just fashion 

We are guided by:

  • Taqwa (God consciousness)
  • Ihsan (Excellence)
  • Ummah (Community)
  • Leadership (Inspired by the Prophet PBUH)

Read more about our ethos here

After 14 years in the industry, we are excited to reveal an updated brand identity that showcases these values. Here is a glimpse of the design process of updating the trusted Emaan brand into what it is today. 

The Elements 

The symbol

The icon features the word “emaan” written in Arabic script. The edges have been refined to create a clean, modern iteration of traditional calligraphy, much like the brand itself. Each letter sits in harmony to establish a sense of completion and totality. 

The word mark 

The word mark uses a customised serif typeface that exudes elegance, as well as confidence in the brand’s values and aims.  

Colour palette

Primary colours 



Wild ginger

A modern twist on the iconic Emaan “purple”, this colour expresses the vibrancy and modernity of our brand. 


Secondary colours


This colour was chosen as a manifestation of serenity and timelessness. 

Dove grey

These shades are clean, simple and minimalistic- values we aim to embody through our products. 


Moss represents our commitment to being environmentally responsible. All of our clothes are ethically made, and our recycling program ensures clothes are used sustainably. This is our stand against the damage caused by fast-fashion. 

The Process

The creation of our new identity was thanks to the hard work and collaboration between our designer and team members. Many versions were created and revised over the span of several months. We believe the final outcome is a true reflection of the EMAAN you see today. 

A continuous evolution

Rebranding our company is a huge step forward in the evolution of our mission and values. As we move forward, we hope to completely embed these ideals into every aspect of our business. Thank you for being with us for the past 14 years, and we hope to see you for many more years to come. 


- The EMAAN Team








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