Ways to support Palest!ne

Supporting Palest!ne should not be a short lived trend. Isra*l and its cowardly supporters are counting on our complacency and silence. Palest!ne is counting on us to keep up our outrage and support them in any way we can. 

Here's what you can do right now. We'll be doing a series of campaigns on our instagram to encourage our community to take these steps too:

1. Sign the petition for the Australian govt. to sanction Isra*l.

2. Write a letter to your local MP

3. Boycott products that support Isra*l by using the Buycott app when you shop.

4. Show solidarity at the next protest for Palest!ne

5. Display a "Free Palest!ne" poster at your shopfront/workplace/home

6. Sign the petition to save Sheikh Jarrah

7. Donate to Palest!nian organisations

8. Educate yourself & others about Palest!ne

(Symbols like ! and * used to beat algorithms that are silencing support for Palest!ne)

We're also working with NGO's to sell Palestin!ian products at EMAAN, so please keep some Eid pocket money aside and keep your eyes peeled for more updates!

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