The Breeze Collection

Feel the breeze.
This collection is specifically designed for women going on hajj or umrah and can also be worn as everyday wear in warmer weather.
The design: Hajj is done in extreme heat and can be physically strenuous, so  practicality is our #1 priority in creating this collection. 
That's why we've made the cut very loose fitting and added back pleats, dropped shoulders, zipped chests and side pockets. It's all in the details.
The material: We've combined the durability and breathability of linen that's great in the heat with the softness of viscose that drapes nicely on the body and doesn't crinkle as much as linen on its own. Both are derived from raw natural materials, so these pieces are biodegradable. The material is not dyed and this is its natural colour, eliminating the toxic waste that comes from the dyeing process.


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