Boys' Thowb without Collar - White

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Boys Thowb for regular everyday wear or Eid/ Occassions

Boys thowb in white. Falls to the shin or above the ankle depending on the child's height. Pants are sold separately.

Sizing: Size corresponds to age but check measurements as children are all different sizes!

Size 2: Length 75cm, Sleeve length 30cm, Chest 35cm

Size 4: Length 84cm, Sleeve length 37.5cm, Chest 41cm

Size 6: Length 104cm, Sleeve length 42.5cm, Chest 46cm

Size 8: Length 108cm, Sleeve length 46.5cm, Chest 47cm

Size 10: Length 112cm, Sleeve length 48.5cm, Chest 47cm

Size 12: Length 120cm, Sleeve length 51cm, Chest 50cm

Size 14: Length 123cm, Sleeve length 54cm, Chest 50cm

Size 16: Length 128cm, Sleeve length 56cm, Chest 51cm

Material: Cotton

Made in Indonesia

Also available in Black & Grey

Boys' Thowb without Collar - White
Boys' Thowb without Collar - White