Call Upon Him by Mizi Wahid (Paperback)

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By Mizi Wahid, Iman Publications, paperback, 133 pages.

Call Upon Him discusses 21 practical steps on how we can nurture our relationship with Allah through our du’a.

This was written with the sole intention to inspire Muslims to have unquestionable faith in the Most Generous Lord, Allah s.w.t., through the supplications they make to Him. Mizi Wahid shares his wisdom in the real science of how du'a, effort and fate come together to determine our destiny in this life and the hereafter. 

There are plenty of books out there this present day which compiles a list of supplications; long and short, along with its meanings for their readers to choose from.
Thus, this book hopes to deliver differently, in the area of encouragement and support for those who have been knocking on heaven’s doors but have yet to get a response or have been disappointed with the answers they have received so far.

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About the author:

Muhammad Tarmizi Bin Abdul Wahid is the CEO of Safinah Institute, an Islamic education center founded in Singapore in 2009. It conducts Islamic courses in English for all age groups engaging the students with questions, sharings and discussions.

His passion in life is to inspire people through the words of the Quran and Sunnah via his talks and writings.

Call Upon Him by Mizi Wahid (Paperback)
Call Upon Him by Mizi Wahid (Paperback)
Call Upon Him by Mizi Wahid (Paperback)
Call Upon Him by Mizi Wahid (Paperback)