Cotton Candy Sky - The Song Book

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By Zain Bhika, Kube Publishing, Hardcover, 30 pages

A song-book reminding children to look up, to the cotton candy sky, for hope that light, bright days are ahead

Cotton Candy Sky takes us on an enchantingly descriptive journey through nature and colour, and highlights the importance of trust and gratitude in life.

As much as we try, we will never be in control of everything. Lows are followed by highs. Sadness is followed by smiles. Just as clouds come with rain, soon they will be blown away to reveal the cotton candy sky again.

So, whenever you are low, look up at the sky and see in its colours some of life's blessings:
"the red of my mother’s love
"the true blue of my father’s hugs."

About the Author

Zain Bhikha has been an inspiration to people the world over since he first began singing in 1994. His uplifting songs aim to reconnect young people with the Creator and fill them with happiness.


With more than a dozen albums to his name, Zain’s songs have graced homes throughout the world and touched people’s lives in uplifting and often profound ways. He has performed across most continents and remains amongst the most popular Islamic artists.


The song-book Allah made Everything is his first book
Cotton Candy Sky - The Song Book
Cotton Candy Sky - The Song Book
Cotton Candy Sky - The Song Book
Cotton Candy Sky - The Song Book