Fitra Journal ⼁Muslim Homeschooling Kindergarten to College: Issue Three

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By Brooke Benoit (Editor) and Reyhana Ismail (Designer), Fitra Journal, paperback, 64 pages

Fitra Journal is an international publication for parents who are seasoned homeschoolers or just curious about this educational option for your children.

Fitra Journal has brought together an international community of homeschoolers to provide you with the support and how-to for one of the most difficult tasks you will ever undertake. Written by Muslim homeschoolers for Muslim homeschoolers, the Fitra Journal uniquely addresses the issues we are most concerned about - striving to provide our children with both an academic as well as Islamic education, raising well-rounded, and deen-centered people.

Issue Three: 'Muslim Homeschooling Kindergarten to College' includes:

Homeschooling high school

Convincing my husband to homeschool

Meddling in-laws

Unschooling explained

The Charlotte Mason Method

Part-time homeschooling

How not to lose your sense of self

We answer your homeschooling questions!

Plus: Realistically approaching minimalism, Bullet Journaling, exploring children's identity, how-to get kids hands-on in the kitchen, memory-building methods, our favourite resources and more.