Girls Maxi Dress - Autumn Glaze

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Girls maxi dress, great for special occassions like Eid, to wear to the mosque or for everyday wear.

Material: Polyester

Sizing: Size corresponds to age but check measurements as children are all different sizes!

Size 4: Dress length 76cm, sleeve length 32cm, chest 36cm

Size 6: Dress length 81cm, sleeve length 37cm, chest 40cm

Size 8: Dress length 93cm, sleeve length 43cm, chest 40cm

Size 10: Dress length 106cm, sleeve length 48cm, chest 42cm

Size 12: Dress length 115cm, sleeve length 52cm, chest 42cm

Colours: Black, Navy, Lavender, Autumn Glaze, Dusty Pink, Maroon

Made in Indonesia