How to Survive Home-schooling by Brooke Benoit

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By Brooke Benoit, Independently published, Paperback, 148 pages

A self-care guide for moms who lovingly do way too much: Brooke shares her unique story of home-schooling herself and then her children.

All mothers struggle to achieve balance in their lives, so how can home-schooling moms do it when they have taken on an entire other role? How to Survive Home-schooling: A Self-Care Guide for Moms Who Lovingly Do Way Too Much is the companion home-school moms need to avoid burnout and to find their personal wellbeing.

 In this enjoyable and interactive book you will learn how to:

  • Identify and take care of all of your various physical and emotional needs as an excruciatingly busy individual
  • Track your progress as a home-schooler, a role model, and wholly-living person
  • Further your personal goals aside from home-schooling your children
  • Guard yourself and your family from interlopers
  • Recognize how a home-schooling lifestyle is different and live it unapologetically

About the author:

Brooke Benoit is a magazine editor and artist who attended the San Francisco Art Institute and earned a degree in Rhetoric from the University of Alaska Anchorage. After home-schooling herself for high school she began college at fifteen years old. When it came time to enrol her children in school, instead Brooke immersed herself in learning the various styles and means to home-school. She has continued to work, returned to school and moved abroad while home-schooling. Brooke currently facilitates her seven children's education (at home) on the southern coast of Morocco where she also enjoys photography, travel and lively chit-chat.

How to Survive Home-schooling by Brooke Benoit
How to Survive Home-schooling by Brooke Benoit
How to Survive Home-schooling by Brooke Benoit
How to Survive Home-schooling by Brooke Benoit