Life of the Grave – It’s Delights and Horrors until Resurrection - Ahwal al-Qubur wa Ahwal Ahliha ila An-Nushur

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By Imam Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali, Translation by Shoaib Shah, Turath Publishing, Paperback

We are Well-Informed about our lives, our homes, our encounters and the people we experience them with. This book, Life of the Grave: its Delights and Horrors until Resurrection, is a detailed overview of the next stage in our journey. It is Ibn Rajab’s contribution to the topic of life after death and the grave. It presents a thorough study of our belief in terms of the grave, the questioning, its rewards and its horrors. It also discusses the circumstances of the inhabitants of the grave and what they experience in an effort to try and prepare us for the inevitable. Using the Qur’an, hadith, stories of the pious predecessors and poetry, Ibn Rajab presents us with content to ponder over, reflect and take as admonishment so that our hardened hearts may become soft and receptive to the words of Allah ﷻ and His beloved Messenger ﷺ.