Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman

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By Omar Suleiman, Kube Publishing, Hardback, 144 pages

This inspirational collection of prayers and reminders is the perfect companion for anyone who wishes to connect to the Divine.

Shaykh Omar Suleiman provides us with thirty short prayers taken from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the early generations, each with a short reminder to deepen the impact of the prayer in our lives.

Prayers of the Pious provides spiritual gems that serve as valuable wisdom and practical advice for the soul.

By reading this short work with an attentive heart, the reader can cultivate a love for God and His Messenger and live life with gratitude and contentment.

The author has directed that 100% of the royalties from the sale of this book be donated to Yaqeen Institute, a US-based nonprofit research institute, supporting their research and activities for the global Muslim community.

About the author:

Imam Dr. Omar Suleiman is an American Muslim scholar, civil rights leader, writer, and public speaker. He is the Founder and President of Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and an Adjunct Professor of Islamic Studies at Southern Methodist University.


Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman
Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman
Prayers of the Pious by Omar Suleiman