Sadiq and the Gamers by Siman Nuurali

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By Siman Nuurali, Illustrated by Christos Skaltsas, Picture Window Books, paperback, 64 pages

Sadiq and his friends are starting a video game club at school. They have fun playing together and planning a tournament for the whole school to participate in. But when their club needs a service project, the club members are stumped. How can they help people with video games? Then, during a visit to a retirement home called Harmony House with his mother, Sadiq meets a man named Mr. Soto who could use some cheering up. Sadiq begins to form an idea. Could gaming be a way to help the residents at Harmony House?

About the author:

Siman Nuurali grew up in Kenya. She now lives in Minnesota. Siman and her family are Somali-- just like Sadiq and his family! She and her five children love to play badminton and board games together. Siman works at Children's Hospital and in her free time she enjoys writing and reading.