Sadiq and the Green Thumbs

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By Siman Nuurali, Illustrated by Anjan Sarkar, Picture Windows Books, paperback, 64 pages

Even though it's summer, Sadiq goes to religious school four days a week to study the Quran. He and his friends find their teacher, Mr. Kassim, strict and intimidating, but when Sadiq finds out that Mr. Kassim has a injured shoulder he decides to volunteer to help with the gardening--and he convinces his friends to volunteer as well.
When Sadiq's Dugsi teacher can't take care of his yard because of an injury, Sadiq reluctantly agrees to help out. To make it more fun, Sadiq gathers together some friends to help. Can they care for their teacher's garden and have fun at the same time?
About the Author
Siman Nuurali grew up in Kenya. She now lives in Minnesota. Siman and her family are Somali-- just like Sadiq and his family! She and her five children love to play badminton and board games together. Siman works at Children's Hospital and in her free time she enjoys writing and reading