Stories of the Prophets - A Rendering by Ibn Kathir, Translated by Shoaib Shah

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Imam 'Imad ad-Din Abu'l-Fida Isma'il ibn Umar ibn Kathir Translated by Shoaib Shah, Taurath Publishing, Paperback.

Extracted from the celebrated Ibn Kathir’s al-Bidayah wa’n-Nihayah Qasas al-Anbiya is a detailed look at the rich, lesson-filled lives of the Prophets, upon them be eternal blessings and peace. This classic work seeks reconnect Muslims to the stories of the Qu’ran and the excellent example of the Prophets.

In this book, Ibn Kathir presents verses from the Qur’an, complimented by narrations from the final Prophet ﷺ. Sources from the previous scriptures are also consulted but with critical analysis of their veracity. May Allah (swt) instil in us the beautiful qualities of the best humankind and may He unite us with them in Firdaws al-A’la. Amin.

About the author:

Ibn Kathīr (ابن كثير) was a highly influential historian, exegete and scholar during the Mamluk era in Syria. An expert on Tafsir (Quranic exegesis) and Fiqh (jurisprudence), he wrote several books, including a fourteen-volume universal history titled Al-Bidaya wa'l-Nihaya.