The Project by George Green

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By George Green, Barrallier Books, paperback, 60 pages

The Project is the story of Ibrahim and his friends, who are determined to work together as a team to win first prize at their school science fair.

However, Yasin decides to make an effort to complete the project alone. This is a story of how much more can be achieved as part of a team than individually and the unexpected rewards that teamwork can deliver.

This story unfolds in The Project, the second book from 'Childhood Champions', a series of stories about a group of Muslim children in New York City and their daily adventures.

For ages 6-12.

About the author:

George Green is an African-American author and motivational speaker from New York City. He is the author and creator of the children’s book series Childhood Champions.

George not only inspires through his words but also through his dedication in giving back to the community. George holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Psychology from Auburn University.

The Project by George Green
The Project by George Green