Womens Modest Swimwear - Leisure (Plain)

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Our Leisure Swimwear is suitable for those who want to stay covered while in the water but are not necessarily swimming, e.g. playing at the beach/pool. For swimming, please choose the Active Swimwear that's more fitted on the body.

The three piece outfit comprises of a long sleeve top, pants and a separate scarf.

Long sleeve top: Falls below the knee (for average height). It has an inner string on both sides that can tie up with a loop on the side of the pants, to ensure the top doesn't ride up in the water. Wrists, neckline and ankles are extra elasticated to make it easier to take the top on and off.

Pants: Straight leg cut with elasticised waist. 

Scarf: Separate and can be tucked in or worn out of top (will cover upper chest above breasts). 

Fit: Top is loose fitting. Pants are a regular fit as loose fitting pants are impractical in water.

Modesty: While our swimsuits are fully covering, the water will make it stick to the body regardless of how loose the garment is. If this is a concern for you, we suggest going to secluded beaches or women only times at swimming pools (see our blog post for places to go). 


Care instructions: Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent and hang flat to dry. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Do not iron or dry clean. Hot water, prolonged time in spas, harsh sunlight & chlorinated swimming pools can reduce the life span, colour and elasticity of swimwear over time.

Exchange & Refund policy: Swimwear cannot be exchanged or refunded due to hygiene reasons.

Made in Indonesia
Womens Modest Swimwear - Leisure (Plain)
Womens Modest Swimwear - Leisure (Plain)
Womens Modest Swimwear - Leisure (Plain)
Womens Modest Swimwear - Leisure (Plain)