You Truly Assumed by Laila Sabreen

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Discontinued: We are discontinuing this book as it has some content that doesn't align Islamically in regards to relationships. That is why it's priced to clear and won't be restocked once sold out. There is no exchange or refund on books.

By Laila Sabreen, Inkyard Press, Hardcover, 352 pages

You Truly Assumed is a beautiful portrayal of the multitude of ways to be Black and Muslim while navigating our contemporary world. It's a powerful story about faith and friendship that should be a must-read for everyone."--Adiba Jaigirdar, author of The Henna Wars and Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating

 "With three distinct voices, and flowing slice-of-life narration, You Truly Assumed captures the emotional range of three young Muslims as they grapple with a world quick to sum them up. I reached the ending with tears in my eyes--tears cued not by sadness, but hope and elation as Bri, Farah and Zakat lit their paths together. A heartfelt and affirming story featuring Muslim characters, the kind my heart needed when I was young." --S. K. Ali, New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of The Proudest BlueLove from A to Z, and Saints and Misfits

 "A powerful story about friendship and community, showcasing the Black Muslim representation I wish I had growing up." --Faridah Àbíké-íyímídé, New York Times bestselling author of Ace of Spades

 "A book that can only be described as feeling like sitting in a sunbeam in a hushed place of worship: being lit from the inside out, being seen, being validated, on all levels but particularly cultural and communal. Laila Sabreen's voice is a voice that I know so many others besides me have been waiting for, and speaks not only the truths of her soul but the intense, true and beautiful story of the girls she knows share those truths--including me."--Karuna Riazi, author of The Gauntlet

 "Sabreen illuminates the often-overlooked perspectives of Black Muslim teen girls in this emotionally charged debut... She succeeds in relating the frustrating reality of having a part of one's identity acknowledged at the expense of another, and the resilience and love required to persist despite unfounded hate."-- Publishers Weekly

 "Compelling storytelling that explores the challenges and rewards of being Black and Muslim is where this novel excels, and it will prompt readers to reflect on their own assumptions... An ambitious debut that will hopefully pave the way for more narratives centering Black Muslim experiences."-- Kirkus Reviews

 "A triumphant exploration of sisterhood and standing up for oneself... Sabreen paints a beautiful coming-of-age tale as each girl must navigate relationships, school, and friendships while also moving through the world as a Black Muslim... This is an endearing story of friendship and perseverance." -- Book list

About the Author

Laila Sabreen is a writer of young adult contemporary. Raised in the Washington, DC area, she currently attends Emory University and majors in English and Sociology. Her love of writing began as a love of reading when she fell in love with the Angelina Ballerina series. When she isn't writing, she can be found working on essays, creating playlists that are way too long, and watching This Is Us.


You Truly Assumed by Laila Sabreen
You Truly Assumed by Laila Sabreen
You Truly Assumed by Laila Sabreen
You Truly Assumed by Laila Sabreen