Why we created the Breeze Collection

The Breeze Collection is guided by our new vision to be more ethical and environmentally friendly in our business practice.

Often we feel pressure to be on trend and creates lots of new designs as a clothing business. We've decided to put all of that aside and instead ask: what do our customers actually need from us?

Many customers ask us for suitable clothing for hajj and umrah. They also want everyday clothes to wear in warmer weather, and for holidaying in tropical and humid counties like Asia and the Middle East.

But how can we also reduce our environmental footprint when creating these products?

Our answer- By making the LEAST amount of designs, and MAXIMISING their use and versatility for the customer.

Our goal was to create a few pieces that worked for ALL of these occasions- simple, practical designs suitable for the warmer weather.

And thus the Breeze Collection was born.

Breeze Collection

We decided to create just three pieces to cover all our needs: The Breeze Abaya, The Breeze Tunic and the Breeze Wide Leg Pants.

The design: Hajj is done in extreme heat and can be physically strenuous, so  practicality is our #1 priority in creating this collection. That's why we've made the cut very loose fitting and added back pleats, dropped shoulders, zipped chests and side pockets. It's all in the details.
The Breeze Abaya: A plain, loose fitting abaya that won’t stick to your body in the heat. This abaya makes it easy to cover in the warmer weather.

Breeze Abaya

The Breeze Tunic: For those who don’t want to wear an abaya or dress but still want to stay modest. 

Breeze Tunic

The Breeze Wide Leg Pants: Loose enough to move freely, but not too wide that it becomes impractical. Dressing modestly never looked so effortless.

Breeze Pants

For hajj/umrah: Wear the Breeze Tunic and Pants together as a hajj outfit. Pair them with our cotton scarves and sturdy trainers or sandals. 

Breeze for hajj

The material: We've combined the durability and breathability of linen that's great in the heat with the softness of viscose that drapes nicely on the body and doesn't crinkle as much as linen on its own. Both are derived from raw natural materials, so these pieces are biodegradable.

The colour: We chose this oatmeal, light cream colour as we wanted the collection to look and feel light, fresh and natural. We didn’t choose a darker colour as they absorb heat. We also didn’t want it in white like traditional hajj clothing as it tends to get dirtier easier. This colour was a nice balance between these two concerns.

This is also the natural colour of the fabric, eliminating the toxic waste that comes from the dyeing process. 


Ethically made: As with all our pieces from 2019 onwards, the Breeze Collection was made ethically by our manufacturers in Turkey. You can read their ethical audit here.


The Breeze Collection is now available online and in store 


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